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Jaebum’s Departure from 2PM

So if you know anything at all about Korean news, you would have heard this already, but I was so aghast that I simply had to blog about it:

2PM’s leader, Jaebum, has officially tendered his resignation and left on a plane to Seattle today, after the whole mess about his 2005 Myspace negative comments on Korea blew up in his face when Korean netizens dug them up.

Jay leaving at the airport (Not My Image)

Jay leaving at the airport (Not My Image)

Omonatheydidnt gives more details (just go clicking away on all the 2PM and Jaeboem related news; I think there was even one post that almost made it up to 5000 comments, which I have to so agree with)

Now, I understand why Koreans would have been angry about the whole thing in the first place, because who wouldn’t be when some “foreigner” (because even if he is Korean, let’s face it, when he first came, he was truly more of a “banana” i.e. American than Korean) who makes money out of your people turns around and tell them they suck? Okay, I can totally, totally understand that. TOTALLY.

But, also, you do realise, this was written in 2005? Like…4 years ago? Before the debut of 2PM? When he was a trainee? Give the guy a break! 4 years can change everything! (As fans later found out here. A bit late to be pulling out the tissues, dudes and dudettes. You’re the ones that pulled the gun and spilled the blood, so suck it up already.)

So, all I’m saying is that, it was much too quick to jump to conclusions. He’d also already issued a public apology to the people. So, what was up with all the hate mail and the suicide petitions, and the pulling of 2PM’s jobs?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not exactly a 2PM fan, although I do like some of their music. (I’m more of a SHINee fan, thanks, and if SHINee ever tries pulling a stunt like this, I am so flying over to Korea to boot them a good one in the butt. While I’m there, will probably be doing lots of eating, hot springs, sweat rooms, and that freaking scary 75 degree rollercoaster ride. It will be a holiday, afterall! May as well.) But I do think that the reactions of netizens over there were a bit much, and you really have to give it to the Korean entertainers for being able to withstand the pressure of working in the industry. I’m impressed, personally, mostly because celebrities here don’t have much of a problem. (We are a relatively tame, sane society. I say relative.)

The whole Korean entertainment industry is fanatic. I mean, and I thought I was obsessive, but noooooo, by comparative terms, I’m positively an angel!

…and I don’t get anti-fans. I just don’t get it. I know how you can hate a particular celebrity, but why go to all the trouble of showing your hate for them? I don’t get it. I would think most of the things that anti-fans do would border on or be harassment. (And why wouldn’t that be an issue, seriously?)

I do love Korean music, but the whole industry is slipping. First that mess with DBSK (who, by the by, I like, but not love, but am still royally not happy with the way they’re getting played around by SM Entertainment), and then there was that bleep with G-Dragon’s plagarium issue, and now this whole nonsense with 2PM. (And just when they’d crossed their 1st year anniversary! Guys! Couldn’t you have just let those comments go and continue supporting your idols, if they really were your idols?) So, what is up with Korean netizens, seriously? Do they not have better things to do than to get on people’s backs and rehash old, old mistakes? What kind of human doesn’t make mistakes? Isn’t facing them with honesty and courage and making amends for them what matters the most? So, then – why, Korea, why?

…in the end, it only proves the fickle-mindedness of mankind, and how terribly unkind we can be.

[Edit: Latest update from Omona says that Jaebum will be back…we’re just not quite sure when. Still, I do hope Jae learns from this and grows into a better person. He wasn’t one of my favourites in the group; I did find him rather immature and silly, but I do agree that 2PM isn’t the same without him.

Says he will be going to America to study music, and will then return to Korea, but I suspect not to 2PM although I doubt they’d reject him if he were to request to come back. So many memories, it’d be hard not to. The poor boy looks like he’s gone through war in the past few days, which I also suspect he has, rather.

Heard 1000 fans turned up at the airport to send him off, which I have to say, is insane, but quite heartwarming I suppose to have their support. Except you really have to mute the videos of Jae leaving in the airport unless you like hearing piercing shrieks and wailing. (Image below is Not Mine)


I wish him all the best, and hope he’ll be able to make a glorious comeback. Also hope the rest of the 2PM boys will stay strong and, cheesy as this is, carry on.]

5 responses

  1. nurul

    i agree with you, coz everybody deserve to get a second chance…….so why not for jay????????????// come on men everybody makes a mistake……..so keep it up

    September 15, 2009 at 10:45 am

  2. nurul

    so who is the leader now?????????/
    hope 2pm stay strong
    pray with me 4 jay……huhuhuhuhuhuhu
    i loves 2pm
    peace no war

    September 15, 2009 at 10:47 am

    • rainerust

      There hasn’t been any word from 2 PM, mostly a lot of rumours floating around and hope going around the international fan base that Jaebum will return to his rightful place, but whether he does or he doesn’t I think the fans still wish him all the best, as long as he’s happy and he’s doing what he wants to be doing. Which I am in full support of, as well. The other boys deserve a break too.

      September 15, 2009 at 3:47 pm

  3. Onl

    Don’t leave him alone

    September 23, 2009 at 1:53 pm

  4. Onl

    Nichkhun come back to Thailand and welcome to Thailand ,Jayboem

    September 23, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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