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SHINee: Ring Ding Dong MV Teaser Out!

My dear boys are finally coming back, and despite the ridiculousness of their song title (plus the fact that they never manage to actually pronounce it as “Ring Ding Dong”; instead it’s a rather hilarious “Ling Ding Dong”, which cheers me up tremendously for unknown reasons) the MV is too hot to miss:

Note, at 0:09, that open-mouthed look on Jong Hyun’s face – I think I almost fell off my chair laughing. AND KEY LOOKS SO FIERCE, it’s so amazing that he pulled off that bowlcut hair with so much panache! The boy has charisma in spades. Plus, Onew. Can one ever get too much of him? The lovely kid was trying to LOOK FIERCE like Key but major FAIL. Still, his fail is awesomeness to the power of infinity! Taemin’s level of being hot has skipped grades…and Minho, Minho *tsk, what are you doing with hair that’s tied up?

I can’t wait for the full MV to be released!

(By the way, you can’t download the video off youtube since it’s been blocked, just in case you wanted to try).


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