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Hidarime Tantei EYE (Part Two)


Hitomi with the crazily spouting water fountain! (I love her panicked expression as she tries to stop the water fountain - it's a bit like watching a really bad train wreck)

So, onto Part Two of Hidarime Tantei EYE – in case you forgot, we last stopped at Hitomi’s seemingly strange penchant for disobeying command orders (for e.g. it’s written on the water fountain: Spoilt! Please do not touch! …and she had to touch it), which makes zilch sense at 51:04 minutes, but plenty of sense much later. Hitomi abandons the gushing water fountain with much gusto (her guilty face made me snort with laughter), and as she walks past the class that Ainosuke’s in, she (by habit, I suppose) glances in.

And does an abrupt about turn, walking back to the classroom door, gripping it and peeking in (the way she was when she first called him out of class). The table where Ainosuke’s supposed to have been sitting in – is empty. That’s when the lights click on in her head (again) and she realises that Ainosuke’s gone off to the bank himself, without involving her. I suppose he thought it might have been easier to take her out of the equation, as long as she didn’t know anything (rather than battle a losing argument with his teacher, as he did the night before), which I thought was kind of sweet, as you could tell he was concerned over her safety (if not his) and whatever else he spoke to her about in the sickroom the night before.


Ainosuke strides off purposefully to the last bank - he's figured out where it is, and is on his way to prevent the bank robbery by informing the head honcho of the bank that a robbery is about to happen...or so he hopes (that he can inform them, I mean. Not that he hopes the robbery will happen).

As he walks into the busy bank, he heads towards one of the bank employees, and asks to speak to the bank manager. Since he’s in school uniform, the employee looks at him blankly in a “What-business-could-a-person-like-you-possibly-have-with-the-manager” way, and politely asks, “Sorry, who may I say is looking for him?” Just as Ainosuke’s about to answer, his worst nightmare comes to life. Literally.

The men he saw in his flashbacks wearing masks burst into the bank, holding guns

The men he saw in his flashbacks wearing masks burst into the bank, holding guns, and of course, waving all the people into a corner, making them put up their hands.

They run around, kicking people and throwing them to the ground, and spray the CCTV cameras with black spray (which is quite smart). They also shoot a guy, just to frighten the rest of the crowd, and to show them that they mean business.

In the meantime, Hitomi’s got the same idea of going to the bank to warn them (so that they will give her prize money), and she drives like a maniac, to the same bank that Ainosuke’s gone to. As she happily hops up the stairs, she sees the door – and in typical Hitomi fashion…


Without thinking, she slides under the door, and as she successfully does so, she beams to herself and says, "Safe!" (in typical baseball fashion).


And then she looks up, and sees the robbers holding a gun, while Ainosuke's crouched down in a squat and she immediately goes, "...(We're) finished." (This scene tickled me, even though it's fairly predictable)

The scene cuts back to the police detectives, as Kenjo is typing in really slowly on his computer. As he does that, his partner, Takashi, who’s watching the news, suddenly asks, “Isn’t that the bio-lab near your house being featured?” And Kenjo looks up and confirms this. (This is significant later.) Just as they are about to continue with their work, the police alarm goes off, alerting them to the fact that a bank robbery has just occurred – at the very same bank that Ainosuke (and now Hitomi too!) is at although they don’t know this. The police thus take off to the scene of crime.

In the meantime, the robbers grab the bank manager and haul him off to pack them some money, while another one keeps an eye on the hostages. Our dear little protagonist then gets a gut feeling that he needs to be seeing something, but blinks his left eye in frustration since it’s obviously not cooperating if he’s not getting hit (that’s one sadist left eye I tell you). So what else is left for him to do but to stand up and deliberately anger the robbers by yelling at them, “Don’t do something like this!”? This earns him exactly what he was looking for – a mean right hook, and again the flashbacks hit him.

The images that hit him this time are clearer: a bio-lab research facility (AHA! Told you it was significant), a map, some money, some genetic bacteria under a microscope, himself smiling, the laptop with a chicken and a pig, a sign saying “safety box”, a series of numbers – and our dear boy has figured out that the robbers are actually not after the cash, but after something that they’ve left in a safety deposit box. Exactly what it is, he can’t tell, and he wonders to himself as he pushes himself back up into a squat, with his hands behind his back.

Hitomi, crouched behind a pillar, hisses his name several times, until Ainosuke finally looks in her direction (I died laughing at his pained expression). Something occurs to him though, and he looks back at her.

Hitomi, being Hitomi, mouths the words, "Are you okay?"

Hitomi, being Hitomi, mouths the words, "Are you okay?" (Her expressions here are priceless! And so are his!)

He tells her to "Throw anything!"

He tells her to "Throw something, anything!"


But she thought he was asking her "Do it first!" (i.e. before the robbers find her, do something? This makes sense in Japanese by the way, but isn't easily translatable to English - somewhat like the idiom strike while the iron is hot)


I laughed like mad at his disgusted face, since Ainosuke has no choice but to try again telling, "Throw something!" (He mouths it really slowly)

Ainosuke's completely fed up by now, and his face squelches as he goes, "Anyway, throw

Her face as she tries repeating what she sees him mouthing is hilarious, as she finally gets it the third time around since third time's the charm - "Throw something??" Ainosuke's completely fed up by now, and his face squelches as he goes, "Anyway, just throw something!!" The way he manages to sound exasperated even when he's not speaking to her is just beyond mirth.

Of course, Hitomi immediately shakes her head at his order, going, “Impossible! Impossible!” pointing at the masked robbers and crossing her fingers in front of her to show him, as though he hasn’t figured out by the vicarious shaking of her head that she’s refusing to do it. He repeats his order again, rather fiercely (and a woman kneeling beside him notices that something strange appears to be going on) and this time Hitomi goes, “Can I really?” with a rather hesitant look. Ainosuke ignores this and just tells her to, “Hurry up!” Hitomi makes a pained face and she looks around the bank for something to throw…only to realise that there’s nothing she can throw, except the expensive silver watch she’s wearing.

The reason why I like Hitomi so much is here: she could have just left Ainosuke here, and she didn’t have to go to such pains to do what he’s asked her to, but she didn’t. In fact, she sacrificed her beloved watch to save him – and considering what a money-minded person she is, I appreciated the hurt it caused her. Also, Satomi’s facial expressions here and the way she speaks to her watch is fabulous. “My cute, cute little watch, I’ll buy an even more expensive watch next time to replace you – Good bye!” as she tosses the watch in the direction of a desk. All the robbers turn towards the sound, and for a moment Ainosuke is unnoticed (except by that woman earlier), so he makes a run for it – in the direction of the safety deposit boxes (of course!).

Ainosuke runs down the stairs, sees the same sign he saw in his flashbacks, and is convinced he’s on the right trail. As he comes to the safety deposit boxes, he sees one of the masked robbers in front of one particular box, punching in the code number to open the box.

Ainosuke creeps up from behind and smashes a vase on top of the robber's head (Okay, I have a serious problem with this - where in the world did that mysterious vase turn up from and why couldn't Hitomi find one earlier?! And seriously, why is there even a vase in the safety deposit box area in the first place?!) so the robber collapses.

Ainosuke creeps up from behind and smashes a vase on top of the robber's head (Okay, I have a serious problem with this - where in the world did that mysterious vase turn up from and why couldn't Hitomi find one earlier?! And seriously, why is there even a vase in the safety deposit box area in the first place?!) so the robber collapses.

Inconsistencies aside, Ainosuke looks at the safety deposit box the masked robber was opening and recognises the numbers the robber’s already punched in as the starting numbers of the series of mysterious numbers he keeps seeing in the flashbacks. (I don’t know why he doesn’t try unmasking the robber too, but I suppose the safety deposit box was weighing more heavily on his mind.) Ainosuke realises that the series of numbers he’s seen is the code to unlocking the box, and continues to finish punching in the code. He opens the door, and lifts the box – only to find a key card. “What’s this?”


And since karma seems to be going around and coming back, another masked robber appears behind Ainosuke, pointing a gun at his head.

“What are you doing here? Never mind. Give me that card.” (If you wonder why the robber didn’t just kill Ainosuke and get it over and done with – I will reveal the mystery later!) If our hero had any sense of preservation, he would have done exactly that, but unfortunately as all heroes are wont to, he’s rather stubborn, and refused, demanding to know instead, “What have you done with my brother? Why did you kill him? If you won’t tell me, I won’t hand it over.” The robber pats Ainosuke twice on the shoulder before lifting his gun and bashing him in the head so that Ainosuke collapses to the ground. He sees more flashbacks, with other images this time: Mr. Killer, that mysterious woman who killed Mr. Killer, the bio-lab research facility, maps, the genes under the microscope…before he blacks out. The robber in the orange suit grabs the key card from a prone Ainosuke, and slaps his comrade’s face to wake him up. The two robbers then take off back up the stairs, completely ignoring Ainosuke.

In the meantime, back up in the main lobby of the bank, the bank manager’s finally managed to put together a satisfactory bag of cash for the robbers. In the meantime, police cars are pulling into the parking lot, and the robbers are aware of this, since it’s kind of hard to miss police sirens. One of the robbers hauls out a group of women to the door to face the police, and tells the police, “Give us 5 more minutes, or we will kill all these hostages!” Kenjo starts doing his self talk thing again (“Rescue the hostages! Catch the criminals! Rescue the hostages!” LOL while Takashi looks completely disgusted with Kenjo!).

The robbers bought themselves time for an important reason – to implement their escape plan. Since they now have what they really wanted to obtain (the key card), the cash is useless to them, so Mr. Orange Robber tells all the hostages, “I will distribute these wads of cash to all of you! Everyone gets 2 million yen.” and starts throwing cash to them. I died laughing when Hitomi heard that, and gave up her position of safety to join the hostage crowd just to get her hands on the money! The mysterious woman (who saw Ainosuke leave and is actually Noriko Komukai in disguise as a hostage) is handed two wads of cash, and as she receives them, she opens them up – and snuggled in between is the key card that the robbers worked so hard to retrieve.

Mr. Orange Robber then continued to instruct the hostages, “Listen! I’m going to release you now, but only on one condition. Hold one wad of cash in each hand and put your hands up above your head as you leave the bank. I will give you 5 seconds. Once you are out, the police will be in a mess. Run with all your might, and if you are about to be caught by the police, then you must toss the wad of cash in the air. If you don’t follow what I say, ” and here he pulls out his gun and waves it threateningly at the hostages some of whom are almost crying, “then I will kill you!”

This is actually quite a brilliant plan, since the hostages did exactly as the robbers demanded, and the police were caught in the confusion. As everyone left, the robbers took off their masks and zipped down their bright neon costumes (by the way, the dead guy they shot was actually part of their group and revived to strip off his jacket). They each grabbed two wads of cash, and held it up over their heads (holding the same positions as the hostages) as they ran out the door. In all the chaos, the police didn’t realise the robbers actually escaped as hostages.

Meanwhile, intrepid Hitomi's running down the stairs to the safety deposit box vault since that's where she saw Ainosuke disappear to last (and she's still got her two wads of cash safely with her! Huzzah!).

Meanwhile, intrepid Hitomi's running down the stairs to the safety deposit box vault since that's where she saw Ainosuke disappear to last (and she's still got her two wads of cash safely with her! Huzzah!).

She finds Ainosuke lying prone on the floor, and immediately dashes over to shake him and wake him up, asking him what happened. In return, Ainosuke is reminded of the key card, and tells Hitomi that the robbers’ real motive was to retrieve the key card. As Hitomi puzzles over that, the two are discovered by Kenjo – and have to explain why they were where they were. Hitomi spills the beans about Ainosuke’s left eye – something that Kenjo finds difficult to comprehend. Ainosuke shows him a drawing he’s done of the bio-lab he keeps seeing in his flashback, telling Kenjo that he believes that the next crime scene will occur there. Kenjo almost dismisses this but when he looked down, he realised that it was the research centre near his home. Just as Ainosuke is soaking this in, a command from the head of police comes in, telling all officers that the robbers have escaped amidst the hostages, and since they were formed by 4 strapping youths, all officers were to apprehend all males – and that’s how both Ainosuke and Hitomi ended up in the police station.

As they walk down the hallway, Ainosuke protesting the whole way, they pass by a door that has "Restricted Access: No One Allowed Except Authorised Personnel" on it - where Hitomi's idiosyncrasy kicks in. Obviously since she's not allowed to, she wants to enter.

As they walk down the hallway, Ainosuke protesting the whole way, they pass by a door that has "Restricted Access: No One Allowed Except Authorised Personnel" on it - where Hitomi's idiosyncrasy kicks in. Obviously since she's not allowed to, she wants to enter.

Ainosuke, when he turned around and saw Hitomi, tried to stop her but failed.

Ainosuke, when he turned around and saw Hitomi, tried to stop her but failed, and accidentally ended up almost coming in after her. At the door, however, he spies...


...the laptop with the chicken and pig that he's been seeing in his flashbacks! ...and he's back to putting together pieces of the puzzle.

When Ainosuke’s brought to the questioning room and Kenjo begins asking him, “What were you doing at the crime scene?” Ainosuke returns with a question of his own, asking, “Whose laptop was that? Is it related to one of the bank robbers that robbed the bank today?” Kenjo smiled and said, “I can’t tell you that. Why did you go to the bank?” Ainosuke completely bypassed his question, “Saying you can’t tell me is equivalent to saying I’m right.” Kenjo, “I told you I can’t say!” Ainosuke, “Conducting such a huge investigation just for one laptop – could it be that the owner of that laptop is the criminal mastermind?” At Kenjo’s surprised yelp, Ainosuke nods knowingly, “Ah…so it is the mastermind’s.” (LOL I love how they reversed the situation and Kenjo’s not actually doing any questioning – in fact he’s being questioned, and Ainosuke’s figuring out all the answers by the way Kenjo’s trying to blatantly not answer.)

Funnily enough, they mirror this with Hitomi and Takashi, who are conducting a similar conversation, but in a completely different strain. Takashi places a cup of tea down in front of Hitomi and tells her, “Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but that laptop belongs to the criminal mastermind.” (So I guess it goes to show that if you put on the charm and the bimbo act, you really do get information much faster since people tend to underestimate you.) Hitomi’s all, “I bet he must be really rich and smart!” (referring to the mastermind) and back in the questioning room, Ainosuke unknowingly repeats her opinion, “That person must be really smart.”

Ainosuke’s feelings however, are the complete of Hitomi’s envy – he’s dismayed. “Since he’s so smart, why does he want to commit all these crimes?” Hearing this, Kenjo gives up the questioning, and replies, “I may just be talking to myself, but I definitely won’t forgive people like these. Most people on earth live average lives, and have nothing to recommend them. I’ve also tried working twice as hard as other people, but I still make many mistakes writing reports, and once I get to the crime scene, all the blood rushes to my head, and I often cause trouble because of my hot-headedness. But perhaps the owner of that laptop is different from me. He was born with great intelligence – and yet he uses this intelligence to commit crimes. It’s not easy to possess something like that that could have contributed greatly to society, and yet he uses it to his own selfish desires. If there really is a God, I want him to give me half of the intelligence he’s given to that guy. If that could happen, I would be a better police officer, and be able to contribute more to society.”

Kenjo finishes his soliloquy standing in front of the window with light streaming down on him (significant much?) and looks back at Ainosuke. (Good direction here – you can really tell the impact this speech had on Ainosuke. Almost akin to Mark Anthony’s speech to the plebeians about Julius Caesar, really. Ainosuke’s firmly on the side of good now, whereas before when he was asking about the committing the crime bit you could tell he was wandering a bit in the grey areas and not quite sure how to get himself out.)


In the meantime, the key card's being used to open this vault, and a white case sitting on lots of dry ice (thus emitting really cool smoke) is taken out.

In the police station, Takashi bursts into the questioning room and tells Kenjo, “That boy’s suspicions that the research centre was to be the next crime scene was right!” At the research centre, the masked robbers (except one is unmasked) are standing on the open bridge with a loudhailer. Mr. Orange Robber is the unmasked robber and he yells through the loudhailer. “Good afternoon, everyone! Now allow me to rob the television stations for a while. I am at the National Epidemiology Research Centre.” He reaches into that white case that had been sitting enclosed in a vault earlier, and pulls out a tube.


"Do you know what I'm holding in my hands? It's a strain of contagious disease called the K2Z. If this bottle breaks, then the whole of Tokyo will..."

A couple of the masked robbers haul out this grey-white haired scientist in a lab coat, with spectacles and Mr. Orange Robber (who is played by actor Ken Horiuchi) introduces the scientist as the head of the centre, getting the aged scientist to confirm that the bottle he was holding was indeed the K2Z strain, which was very dangerous, since it was an airborne disease, and was deadly even in the smallest doses (Basically anyone who gets a sniff of it will die). Since this was getting broadcasted everywhere, people started to gather to watch the news, and they were obviously rather taken aback at this. (Okay, humans are an intelligent race when taken individually, but together?…The herd mentality is rather crippling to our claim to higher intelligence.) Mr. Orange Robber yelled out, “Just now, when we robbed the bank, we held 30 hostages. Now, we’re holding 120 million people hostage. Mr. Chief Police, are you listening? How much money will you spend to save these 120 million people? Give me a reply in 5 minutes. If there is no reply, I’ll smash this sealed bottle. Ah, and if your answer is too little, I’ll also smash this bottle.”

As Mr. Orange Robber sets off the countdown, Ainosuke’s eyes widen at something he sees on screen and he blurts out, “Just now -” Hitomi looks towards him in worry, and asks, “What is it?” but Ainosuke mutters to himself, “Why…? It can’t be…” (Yamada’s stricken expression here is well-done!) The rest of the policemen in the office realise that the research centre is only about 2 – 3 metres away, which means that if the bottle is smashed, they’d end up being the first victims…and just as they are about to blow into full panic mode, Kenjo stops them efficiently by yelling, “You guys – what joke is this? We are police! Don’t put on that face – if a case happens, it is our duty to rush to the crime scene, no matter the circumstances are!”

The office is silenced by his rebuke, and Kenjo turns to Ainosuke, telling him, “We shouldn’t have doubted you earlier. Sorry.” bowing in apology. Ainosuke looks back at him and said simply, “Mr. Police.” Straightening from his bow, Kenjo adds, “But it’s too late now. Please leave with your teacher, for somewhere far so that you can be safe from all this. Even though the robber may not smash the sealed bottle, we never know what will happen at the scene. Takashi, I’ll leave the office to you.”

Just as he is about to run out of the office, Ainosuke calls him, "Mr. Police! If you believe me, could you please listen to what I have to say?

Just as he is about to run out of the office, Ainosuke calls him, "Mr. Police! If you believe me, could you please listen to what I have to say?" and he leans up to whisper in his ear. Kenjo's surprised by what Ainosuke has to say, and hesitates, but when Ainosuke adds, "Please, Mr. Police." Kenjo caves in and bends his head to whisper something else in Ainosuke's ear.

Ainosuke drags Hitomi off to a corner as she asks what the two had been whispering about. Ainosuke ignores her question (I realise he does that a lot) and tells her instead, “Hit me.” She’s surprised, and Ainosuke continues, “Perhaps it was all a lie.” “Then explain it to me.” “There’s no time. Quick!”

In the meantime, the electronic clock on the bridge counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… All the reporters are on standby, and everyone else watches the screens with bated breath. Mr. Orange Robber walks back out on the bridge with the sealed bottle, waving it around as he uses the loudhailer, “There’s been no news from our National Security! The police are dismissing the lives of the residents in Tokyo. What a pity. That reporter over there! Dial the head of National Security now at 110.”

As the reporter does what Mr. Orange Robber wants, Hitomi tells Ainosuke, “I understand. I believe in Ainosuke.” (YOU SEE? She’s got guts okay? She’s not just some annoying pansy.) Ainosuke warns her, “Please hit me with all your might.” Hitomi asks, “Can I say one thing before I hit you?” Ainosuke, who’s got his eyes closed, furrows his brow questioningly. “What?” And Hitomi leans in, putting her hand on his shoulder as she says, “It’s such a waste you’re just a junior high school student. You’re too cool.” before pulling back that hand and giving him a really mean uppercut. (Actually, what she says in Japanese is, “格好良い(Kakkoii)” which is hard to translate since it can mean a variety of things, although the closest slang would probably be ‘cool’, hence my translation, even if it sounds weird. Culturally, it makes sense!…ALSO THAT WEIRD VIBE ABOUT HITOMI AND AINOSUKE CAME BACK HERE! I was like, okay! This means if he wasn’t her student, she would be so into him…and actually, so would I, because, seriously, the boy is hot. *cough* Excuse my bias.)

As the flashbacks hit Ainosuke, Mr. Orange Robber gets a reply via Mr. Reporter – National Security is asking for more time to discuss this situation. Mr. Orange Robber, however, starts tossing the sealed bottle and calls out, “Did everyone hear that? As the head of security here in Japan, they can’t do anything to save your lives. Ah yes, did I forget to mention something? I’m not at all afraid of death. When I die, I’d like to take all of you with me. Alright, game’s over. Goodbye forever.”

So saying, he releases the bottle from the bridge, and it falls, shattering into pieces as it hits the ground. Cue: Pandemonium. People running from buildings, restaurants, open spaces. As Hitomi is evacuated from the police station, she calls out for Ainosuke, but is pulled along by Takashi, who advises her to keep running. It only takes a while before all the places are emptied out of people (okay, my question is: where did all these people go? I mean, seriously?? Where would be safe?) and we see Mr. Orange Robber striding openly into the police station.


He walks into that room with the laptop and uses his gun to shoot the chains so he can unchain the laptop. And at that exact moment, Ainosuke asks, "Why?"

Mr. Orange Robber goes, “What?” and Ainosuke replies, “Stop pretending. It’s you, isn’t it, older brother?” Mr Orange Robber smiles as Ainosuke watches him with faint tears in his eyes, and he reaches down and starts pulling off his face (YELCH) to reveal…Yumehito. Yep. Ainosuke’s still stricken, even though he expected this, and he’s like, “Why…did you…” Yumehito sat on a table, not answering him (NOW WE KNOW WHERE HE GETS IT FROM, this ignoring habit of his), “You surprised me, not running away with the others.” Ainosuke, “Because I knew you’d be back for the laptop. You wanted to distract the police, that’s why you made this up.”

Yumehito: "How did you know?" Ainosuke, "You said it yourself. That's when I knew it was you."

Yumehito: "How did you know?" Ainosuke, "You said it yourself. That's when I knew it was you."

Yumehito: "And I even got this mask specially made for nothing."

Yumehito: "And I even got this mask specially made for nothing."Ainosuke replied, "The face may not be the same, but the hand's still yours."


At Yumehito's question, "Hand?" Ainosuke held out his hand as such. Apparently this is a secret sign that both boys came up with when they were young, to indicate that everything would be okay - and this was the very same hand sign that Ainosuke saw Yumehito make earlier on the bridge - thus the whole "OMG It can't be him!" scene.

Ainosuke added, “You’re not the kind to commit suicide. So that means only one thing – the sealed bottle is a fake.” Yumehito’s all like, “Bingo! But I pulled it off beautifully, didn’t I? People really are stupid, running so desperately for their lives.” At this point, you can really see tears in Yamada’s eyes and Yumehito noticed it too as he asked, “What? Don’t you find it interesting?” Ainosuke, “Not at all.” Yumehito replied, “Oh really? I’ve always thought so. To be honest, if I only wanted to retrieve this laptop, there are other ways to do it.” Ainosuke replies hoarsely, “I thought you were murdered. You have no idea how heartbroken I was!” Yumehito replied, “This was also the way I took as an older brother considering your feelings. No matter how sad you are, isn’t it better than knowing I’m a thief and murderer?”

Ainosuke, “Murderer?” …turns out the “face” Yumehito has on is that of his dead research assistant, Tsuyoshi Hamada, whom he killed by hiring Mr. Killer to do the deed. (Thus explaining the lab scene! Mr. Killer introduces himself and yanks in Tsuyoshi’s dead body behind him. When the phone rang, Mr. Killer really was speaking to Yumehito, and Yumehito told him it was fine to ignore the call from his little brother.) He killed him because the assistant got too greedy for money and stole his laptop to blackmail him. (Thus explaining why he lost the laptop and why he killed the assistant – to “punish” him.) Ainosuke still can’t believe his brother’s actually killed anyone and asked, “It’s a lie right? You were being forced by some bad people, right? You had to do it because you were forced to, right?”

In reply, Yumehito skips the question (AGAIN!) and says instead, “Good and evil – do you know what’s really right and what’s not? I thought about it and the answer’s really simple – much more so than all the research I do. The right answer is evil.” Ainosuke denies this with a shake and answers with a shaking voice, “You’re lying. Good is the right way. Rather than doing evil things selfishly to benefit yourself, working hard for someone else is the right way. I’ve always envied you. You worked and studied at the same time, while taking care of me, and you even became the employee of a multinational research facility. I once respected you so much.” Yumehito, “Ah, that? I’m a very rational person. I won’t be able to understand it unless I’ve gone through an experiment.” “Experiment?” “My left eye. I’ve given it to you. My left eye. The best thing I’ve done in this world is to give my left eye to my younger brother. (At this point, a single tear rolls down Ainosuke’s cheek) I waited in anticipation for some great change to happen to me, but nothing changed. I concluded that people are, by nature, evil. Oh and this laptop? It contains an even more beautiful crime than what I’ve just committed.”


As much as Ainosuke tries to persuade Yumehito, his older brother shrugs off his advice and says, "Sorry, I'll continue to execute everything that's in this computer. Can you kill me? I can kill you." and he leaves the room, with Ainosuke stunned, a tear trail glistening on his cheek. "This isn't real."


As Yumehito exits the building, Ainosuke calls after him. "I will destroy your plans." Yumehito, "What?" Ainosuke, "I will destroy your plans." Yumehito, "Do you think you can win me?" Ainosuke, "I can win. Because I have the left eye that you gave me." The two brothers have a face down and Yumehito tells Ainosuke, "If you think you can, then try. But don't complain if you are killed by me then."

Yumehito smirks and gets into the car where Noriko is waiting and the car drives off, with Ainosuke looking on forlornly, saying, “I will destroy it. Because I’ve already seen it. With the left eye you left me.” When Yumehito tries to log into his laptop in the car on the highway, he realises that Ainosuke’s gone and done an exchange of laptops – so the laptop is still in the hands of the police. (Remember the earlier whispering scene? Ainosuke asked Kenjo for the passcode to open the lock so he could switch laptops, and Kenjo leaned back in to tell it to him.) Back at the station, the police are impressed that Ainosuke had the foresight to save the laptop, and Kenjo gingerly asks Ainosuke if he saw the mastermind’s face. There was a second of tension and then Ainosuke looked back at him and just said, “Sorry.” (i.e. Sorry he can’t tell, not sorry he didn’t see!) and I think they all sensed some undercurrent here, but Kenjo smiles back and just said, “It’s okay, you’ve done well. Thank you.”

It ends off lightly, with Hitomi jumping into the fray, “Shouldn’t you show your gratitude with some actual action?” and when both police detectives exchange looks and try to ask the other, Hitomi starts shaking Kenjo and is all like, “Nothing??! Nothing at all?!” LOL. She’s really too funny, this girl.

The last of it shows Ainosuke walking back home (mirroring the start of the drama) and he climbs up on a fence, facing the sea, wind whipping through his hair, and he covers his right eye with one hand as he looks through the world with his left eye, before closing both eyes. He snaps them open and you can practically see the determination shine through.


….Phew. I thought I was never going to end. I went into quite a bit of conversational detail but I did think the twist at the end between Yumehito and Ainosuke was important to flesh out their characters. To be honest, Yumehito may seem really bad, but I think it’d be a great twist if somehow he wasn’t. (I don’t think the scriptwriters will think that far, but who know? It could be a whole Itachi and Sasuke thing all over again except Ainosuke’s no Sasuke.) Alright, because I have work tomorrow and need sleep desperately now I shall end off here.

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    Part 2 !! *dances*
    I still think it should be turned into a dorama, I mean..come on! Too many things without answers! What was the crime Ainosuke’s bro was hinting to when he went for the laptop? Didn’t you feel there was something weird when he mentioned he transferred his eye to him? (Experiment?” “My left eye. I’ve given it to you. My left eye.)XD Maybe he did some extra genetic tampering in his own body, but does he know Ainosuke can “SEE” what he is up to? (he may know, but why give his younger brother that kind of ability?) Because that’s what it seems , they are actually linked O_O; I want a dorama, nao >.>;;;

    Hitomi x Ainosuke’s weird vibe is awesome albeit a little inappropiate ( they look like brother and sister check closely), but that’s good for angst I guess XD I would be into Ainosuke too T_T So handsome and adorable. She got so close though, for a split of second I thought she was gonna kiss him somewhere j/k I know I would! *slaps herself* X_X

    Again, I loved your review! Thanks for the entertaining description of the SP ^_^

    October 23, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    • rainerust

      Haha, you’re welcome!
      I do think they’re releasing this SP to test the ratings; dipping their toes into the water to test its warmth so to speak. Hopefully it performs well enough that they’ll do the drama because obviously the ending is NOT an ending – it’s an opening to bigger and better things. I really seriously think it would be freaking awesome if it turned out that Yumehito’s not bad after all, but oh well we can’t tell with these things. I actually thought it was really sad when he talked about his eye thing – obviously Ainosuke feels terrible because he partially realises that even though he benefitted from it, it somehow seemed to be the cause of his brother turning evil (not that it is, I just think he would irrationally feel that way).
      LOL @ Hitomi’s and Ainosuke’s weird vibe yeah I agree, I thought she would kiss him too! …Or something. Even if he’s only in junior high. LOL I probably wouldn’t be able to help myself! The boy’s too awesome for words.
      Well, I’m probably going to be reviewing a few more things since Tokyo Dogs is out too, so stay tuned! 🙂

      October 24, 2009 at 4:34 am

  2. Moomo

    Hey .. This Drama is one of my fav. jd Ever !!
    I love it and i love the Sp Too ,, so much exciting ! Lool .. am gonna be crazy ! ! i reached ep7 now and i finished it ,, and Iam Like !! oh Next !! but it dosn’t subbed yet !! I’m so so so exciting ! really guys can’t sleep iam waiting for the last ep ! anyone can here me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Going to Die :@

    April 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm

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