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SHINee (Sans Jong Plus Yesung) Won in MuBank Performance 061109!

MY BOYS WON! (Close shave, since SS501 was really near to winning as well)

And can I just say, how awesomely fierce it is to see a combination of my bias from Super Junior together with my greatest love in Kpop i.e. SHINee?

Video below:

Source: CodeMonmon Season 4

For a second I thought he would only sing the front bit (LOL at the fact that he walks away coolly ignoring the fact that all of them have launched into their hip thrust movements) but since he came back just before the chorus, he DANCED TOO! I started laughing the minute I saw him hesitantly shuffle – and the fact that he’s half a beat slower than everyone else? Precious. I love Yesung for good reasons. He reminds me of Onew, really. (More Yeonew love below!)

Their win:

Please note the “Jonghyun Hyung, saraenghaeyo!” shout-outs from all the members after the win, and then Yesung walking off in awkwardness thinking he wouldn’t be needed – BUT ONEW RUNNING AFTER HIM AND BRINGING HIM BACK! Is Onew just not the SWEETEST PERSON IN THE WORLD (and this is why he is my bias in SHINee, if it’s possible to have a bias within a bias)! He is so darling.

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