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SHINee (Sans Onew Plus Leeteuk) In Inkigayo 091108

And the boys did it again – topping the charts in Inkigayo! Except, this time, instead of Jonghyun missing out, darling Onew missed out instead…because he’s down with the H1N1.

Yep. It just FIGURES. LOL – a typically Onew thing to do. Poor boy, I do hope he’s resting well at home now.

So yet another Hyung showed his dongsaengs love by showing up during their performance – if you guessed Leeteuk (leader of Super Junior) then bingo! It’s starting to be hilarious, with all the various members of Super Junior popping up every now and then during their performance (someone commented on Omona how SHINee was starting to seem somewhat like a Suju subset which is in itself quite funny too – I’m expected Heechul to pop out at any moment now if one of the others fall prey to the devious H1N1 making its rounds in the idol world, although it’s also strange how none of the news report any of the GIRLS getting it…)

To be honest, I think they got the sequencing of the guest appearances wrong, especially if you are looking at closeness of voice quality – they should have gotten Leeteuk to stand in for Jong on Friday, and Yesung to stand in for Onew tonight! Nonetheless, totallllly enjoying the performances, especially all the SM love going around (notice that f(x) went up once again to congratulate SHINee and better yet – they even participated in the ending “Ring Ding Dong”, which is quite frankly giving me stitches in the side from laughing. I like how all of them do the hip thrust movements; Amber in particular looks like she’s loving being fierce, which I think she is).

And yes Jong returned the favour by yelling into the screen, “Onew hyung, are you watching this?” (Some Onew love! After all the love Jong was getting being sick. Good boy, Jong!)

Videos below, all credit to: Codemonmon Season 4

P.S. For all the 2PM fans out there, they’re making a comeback next week with “Tired of Waiting”, so if you’re tired of waiting, then this is good news indeed! They’re not my bias, but I do enjoy their music, so I’m looking forward to their comeback stage, even if it’s without their leader Jaeboem. (Although rumours are running rampant throughout the internet about the possible comeback of Jae for this…but I doubt it, people, so don’t get your hopes up. It’d be great if he returned, eventually, but I think he might need more time before he can scrunch up the necessary courage to face the media. The media and fans and the rest of the world can be a rather terrifying opponent, after all. Courage, my man, courage!)

This might be a good time for SM to give SHINee a well-deserved break, because our boys look like they’re on the verge of collapse. Jong’s voice was…terrible in comparison to how he usually fares. And he looked like someone walked over his grave. Not a good thing. It was nice Minho got to sing more, but it’s not the same as Onew. So give all the boys a break and let them catch up on some sleep and homework and getting well from illnesses in general, SM! Please! Since, y’know, 2PM’s probably going to sweep the charts next week anyway. Since, y’know, Hottests are insane. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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  1. Hi Raine! It’s been awhile! Read your recent post on you meeting up with SHINee up-close and personal. Ooh…you lucky gurl! How I envy you and definitely happy for you as well. 😀 The experience must have been surreal huh?

    Nway, I’ll be in Singapore for 2 weeks, from 1st March onwards (for work purpose). Hhmm, was thinking, shud we meet-up? I could sure use a good dachi to show me the best of Singapore…wat say you?

    February 14, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    • rainerust

      Hullo, you must be here in Singapore already – the weather’s terrible eh? Anyway I’ll be heaps busy but do let me know if you’ve a free night to hang out so I can at least take you around town or some such area. 🙂

      March 1, 2010 at 3:07 pm

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