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A Long, Long Time

…which seems to aptly describe how often I update my blog nowadays, due to backlog of work and other things, namely life, that seem to take up my time.

For the curious however, I’m actually refering to a song, 오래 오래, by VIBE. (The lyrics are achingly suitable if you are feeling melancholic and/or lovelorn).

VIBE 2009

Picture Credit: VIBE @ Stoo.com

My constant regret about entering the Korean music industry so late is the number of good singers and groups that seem to have passed me by, including VIBE, since I have been recently in love with this song, as well as another called 술이야 (Liquor). Their songs are lovely, and as I have not yet heard otherwise, I have hopes of a comeback, preferably soon, since these men can sing! (If anyone knows what’s up with them, can you please update me since I would love to know, being a new convert and all that?)

Jang Geun Seok will be visiting Singapore soon on the 24th of April (argggh), if one hasn’t yet heard (I missed out on buying tickets to his fanmeet as I had been struck by the perennial flu and cough over the weekend the tickets were selling and hadn’t flipped the papers, so totally didn’t realise until after the sale was over that there were actually even such a thing! …oh the tragedy).

On the bright side, I saved a ton of money which I shouldn’t have been spending anyway, since I already busted my budget when SHINee came, and I’ve paid for the Mayday concert, also happening in April (what’s up with April man? Why’s EVERYONE coming in April? Even S.H.E.’s coming in April! …Would’ve bought their tickets but I already bought Mayday’s…the irony being that I probably know more S.H.E. songs than Mayday’s).

To cheer myself up, I’m going to drool over new cutie-pie actor Kim Soo-hyun, who will be starring in SBS’s Giant, instead.

Kim Soo-hyun

If you’ve managed to miss him in Will It Snow For Christmas? and Father’s House (WHICH ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER??!…if it’s the rock called ‘work’ I forgive you, since I can commiserate), since he only appears for a meagre 2 episodes each, then catch him in Giant instead.

The boy’s proved he’s got the acting chops – not to mention a sizzling charisma that the camera (and I) loves – so I’ve consigned myself to watching this (although the actual premise of the show interests me not at all).

This has been a lazy post, but since it is the season of Lent, I thought it’d be nice to share some giving spirit by pointing you towards Miss Glitzy‘s Let’s Care and Celebrate project, which is a cause worth supporting. The LCC Campaign for short (coined by me, as I am lazy) is her effort to reach out to women in need, as she will be collecting donations, and organising a series of events to contribute to Singapore Council of Women – Star Shelter.

Keeping The Dream Alive

Realise why I’ve always thought this was a sad, rather than hopeful, song.

The hopes we had were much too high
Way out of reach but we have to try

It’s the kind of song you will sing, when you have lost, because you don’t believe you’ve truly lost (and you never have, if you really believe in it). It’s the kind of song a country losing men in a battle will play when all the blood they’ve shed is for naught, and it’s the kind of song you sing when you’re under suppression and you’re suffering, and you’re not about to lose to life…

The game will never be over, because we’re keeping the dream alive


And although I wish I was talking about a real princess, which is what “Hime” or rather, “O-Hime-sama” お姫様 stands for, this particular princess in reality only reigns over a place which forms part of our daily cleaning routine – the toilet. Yes, we are speaking of the Japanese toilet, which came out in recent news under one of the “must-tries” if you go to Japan (…yes, I know, we have nothing better to do than to be amazed by their toilet culture).

Metropolis here explains the history of the Otohime (乙姫), which dates as far back as the 15th century if you are looking at inspiration, or just as far back as 1980 if you look at the more modern conception of the Otohime.

What intrigues me is that the Otohime’s name was, in actuality, derived from Japanese mythology, after the Japanese Dragon Princess of the sea, who was the daughter of the sea-king Ryujin. She was also called Toyotama-hime (豊玉姫), and apparently turned into a dragon after giving birth to a son after she married the hunter Hoori – the significance of this being, the son gave birth to Emperor Jinmu, the first Emperor of Japan (or so Wikipedia admits). I love how they link the oh-so-distant relationships and try to make it all signify, don’t you? And, is it just me, or would this make some really great anime/drama?

So I get the reference (I mean, Dragon Princess of the Sea right, and toilets – like, connection hello?) but thought it was really amusing (and fun, it must be fun to have such a device at hand) to see the Otohime at work – This is a 55 sec Youtube video of it:

And as a female, I heartily applaud the invention of the Otohime. It hides all those awkward moments in the toilet when you’re sitting in the cubicle and you can hear the person next to you stripping down and the following hissing sounds of doing the deed so to speak. Or, even better, while you’re sitting there trying to figure out if there’s a way to rip off your pad silently so as not to alert everyone in the toilet to the fact that you’re having your period, with the Otohime, you can just hit the button and boom, problem solved.