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Jo Kwon & GaIn in We Got Married Ep 2

So, in case you were waiting for it, the next installment of the mini-drama that is Jo Kwon (from 2AM) and GaIn (from sexy ladies Brown Eyed Girls) is out in the latest release of We Got Married on Youtube. Unfortunately, I think the subbers are still working on getting them subbed (since subbing is not an easy task and neither is translating, and we should all be damn grateful that people are actually doing this for free…I translate stuff for work, and hate doing it, so I know what I’m talking about), so it’s only the raw videos, but if you’re craving for some laughs and if you understand any teensy bit of Korean…go ahead. Watch it. You can always rewatch the videos when the English subs are out.

Credits go to: RIcEBoIAnTh (Many thanks for the upload, I’m sure many fans appreciate the effort!)

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Although my Korean is fail, I laughed my ass off watching the two of them. GaIn reminds me, a little, of Seo In Young (from Jewelery; she was one of the first couples on WGM and was paired with Crown J) in the way she acts towards Jo Kwon. At the end of the first episode, the two of them had just discovered their “new house” (the kind of house on wheels I never quite want to get, unless it’s a swanky upgraded and larger version of a caravan with satellite and internet connection) so this episode showcases what else went on that night; and of course, as with any new house, the first thing that goes on is the unpacking of their ‘furniture’.

I thought it was hilarious that, even though Jo Kwon was working on getting onto GaIn’s good side by killing all the insects for her, and unpacking leg massagers in excitment, he immediately earned a black mark when GaIn unpacked a broom and dustpan. “What’s this?” …and I couldn’t believe Jo Kwon actually said, “Well, first of all…you’re the wife…and since you’re the wife…cleaning is a must.” He even brought his mother into the conversation! (I think what he said was, “I can’t imagine what my mother would think if she saw that the house is this dirty.” but it’s a guesstimate since my Korean is fail i.e. I have never bothered to go learn it, so I could very well be far off from the truth). The best part? THE SILENCE THAT FOLLOWS and then Jo Kwon backing down and going, “Anyway…”

I DIED. GaIn is gorgeously fierce, and I love how she keeps dodging the cleaning issue and trying to make Jo Kwon do the housework instead – this is a massive power struggle in the house that I’m thoroughly enjoying! It’s seriously funny the way Jo Kwon nags on like a grandfather, and how GaIn just blatantly ignores him (SEO IN YOUNG reincarnated, I swear), although Jo Kwon gets her back by pretending there’s an insect behind her (when there isn’t). I killed myself with mirth when he burst out into song after that, and returned to the conversation of their nicknames, basically telling her he wanted to call her Baby, but he dislikes being called that himself since he wants to be thought of as a man (HAHA).

Here are more of my favourite moments:

1. When Jo Kwon ruins the new floor by dragging the glass coffee table across the floor – and how the both of them decide almost simultaneously to use the carpet to cover the scratch!

2. When GaIn discovers the “file” on Jo Kwon i.e. his whole life story (they started playing X-Files music, so how could one not love it?) and starts reciting all the women he’s had in his life (and then that whole segment where they keep yelling out stuff about each other that they’re reading from each other’s files!).

3. When they decide to burn the “X-File”s. (And also when GaIn said in her personal interview, “I will believe in Jo Kwon.” AWWWW…so sweet!)

4. When it becomes obvious that GaIn cannot cook – I shuddered at all the stuff she was dumping into the pan, and then when Jo Kwon was all like, “How can that be edible?”, she’s just like, “JUST EAT!” OHHHH I died at the expression on his face. (Even though he did say it was actually delicious…I’m just like…boy, you guys couldn’t even cook ramen properly. In fact I think it’s safe to say Hyun Joong from SS501 did a better job when he did it for Hwang Bo during their ‘honeymoon’!)

5. When Jo Kwon basically got GaIn to promise to make kimchi for him after long minutes of various strategically voiced complaints (that was hilarious).

6. When Jo Kwon exchanged the front seat of the two-seater bicycle with GaIn (GaIn takes the lead!) and they take off smoothly, even though when Jo Kwon was in front they kept stopping and falling off (in the back you can hear one of the commentators going, “…Just as I thought, females are stronger!” or something to that effect).

7. THE BEST WAS THE BIRTHDAY SONG! Although the matching PJs that Jo Kwon for them was cute – but oh, the birthday song where Jo Kwon started off normal, and went into diva ballad singer at the end just has to take the cake – literally!

8. When Jo Kwon played Falling Slowly for GaIn, and they harmonized so beautifully at the end! THEY SOUND SO GOOD TOGETHER I JUST WANT TO HUG BOTH OF THEM SO HARD.

Okay, end of highlights, and now I am just waiting for the English subs to come out so I can actually understand their banter (which I gather is actually very funny from body language, and also because I found myself laughing for no reason).

Jo Kwon (2 AM) and Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) on We Got Married

It’s finally out – all we’ve been waiting for! Jo Kwon and Ga In appear on the Chuseok special for WGM (a Korean variety show). I stopped watching the show after the end of the second season I think, when the Gundam couple (Junjin from Shinhwa, and Shiyoung, an upcoming actress) made their final curtain bow – but I couldn’t resist the Jo Kwon and Ga In pairing (judging from comments in Omona, neither could they!) because Jo Kwon is just about my favouritest 2AM member now (yes, I coined the term, so sue me).

Videos here, from youtube: bewarned, they’re raw, so you have to decipher the korean yourself…

It’s all low-res and I apologise for the quality, but hey, at least it’s all out (and I promise to change the videos once I get my paws on some high-res and subbed ones). Nonetheless, even though these aren’t subbed, I’ve gone ahead to watch them, and Ga In is quite funny (she reminds me a little of Seo In Young, who was half of the Ant Couple) while Jo Kwon is of course his regular hilarious self. The part that tickled me most was when she got off the car, but was so worried about who her partner would be in WGM that she almost didn’t want the rest of BEG to leave (in fact she asked them if they could go with her, and when the car made to drive off, she actually stood in front of the car and was all like, “No! Don’t leave me!” which was absolutely priceless).

When she saw Jo Kwon in the bear suit, she almost thought he was Boom (because the rest of BEG kept teasing her about being paired with Boom) and she tried her hardest to rip the bear head away just so she could check to see who it was. She finally figured it out though, when Jo Kwon jumped into the Abracadabra parody dance, which was another LOL moment. Even after she figured it out, he didn’t want to take  off the costume head, and after he did, there were these cute moments of embarrassment where Jo Kwon was all shy. I think I almost fell off my chair laughing. The two then got into a cute car that Jo Kwon had specially decorated (the heart-shaped wreath of roses was a very sweet touch) to go to their “new home” and promptly launched into a discussion of what nicknames they should call each other in order to become closer faster. (It was very funny when Jo Kwon kept coming back to “wife” in Korean i.e. 여보 (“yo-bo”) and you could see the corner of Ga In’s lips quirk, which means that she secretly likes it, but she kept telling him that it didn’t sound right. Everyone else in the show i.e. the hosts of the Chuseok special as well as the rest of 2 AM were also speculating that this was the nickname that Ga In liked the best.)

Their “home”, which was a mobile home created specially for them keeping in mind their packed schedule, is probably one of the most unique houses to appear in WGM to say the least (you can’t help thinking about the poor budget that keeps getting cut for the show, since the houses have been steadily getting worse since after the first season). It also appears that the day of the WGM shoot was Ga In’s birthday, and it seems like she expects Jo Kwon to make it up to her, so I’m looking forward to the release of the next episode. Is anyone else thinking they’d do an Abracadabra duet/parody?

Continuation of Abracadabra on Star King Episode

Which is absolutely hilarious since they managed to get MC Kang Ho Dong and even Alex from Clazzaquai (whom I love) to get out on the floor. Jo Kwon’s explanation of how to conduct the dance for the famous pelvis-shaking move of Brown-eyed Girl’s famous Abracadabra video was my personal favourite – I think he said something akin to, “The most important point is the eyebrows. You have to look like you’re always shocked/surprised! And then, you have to think you’re the best (or really good) – forever (in Korean), forever! (emphasized when he repeated it in English)”. (I do not claim accurate translation of what Jo Kwon says, since my Korean is fail i.e. learnt from spending too much time on dramas)

(I found this out on Omona, and just had to comment because it was so…win…)

Brown-eyed Girls vs. Dirty-eyed Girls (…Boys, Really…)

So, I’m slow on the uptake as usual, but decided that these videos were too delicious to pass up, even if you’ve already seen them floating around months ago:

Brown-eyed Girls: Abracadabra

And then, 2PM + 2AM’s parody, the “Dirty” version by Dirty-eyed Girls, starring Chansung, Wooyoung and Taekcyon from 2PM and Seulong and Jo Kwon (who is fast becoming my favourite 2AM member, simply because he is so drama-mama and is an absolute uproar. Although I suspect he could be also be *ahem* not heterosexual, but honestly, WHO CARES? The man is funny, a rare thing nowadays) from 2AM