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Jo Kwon (2 AM) and Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) on We Got Married

It’s finally out – all we’ve been waiting for! Jo Kwon and Ga In appear on the Chuseok special for WGM (a Korean variety show). I stopped watching the show after the end of the second season I think, when the Gundam couple (Junjin from Shinhwa, and Shiyoung, an upcoming actress) made their final curtain bow – but I couldn’t resist the Jo Kwon and Ga In pairing (judging from comments in Omona, neither could they!) because Jo Kwon is just about my favouritest 2AM member now (yes, I coined the term, so sue me).

Videos here, from youtube: bewarned, they’re raw, so you have to decipher the korean yourself…

It’s all low-res and I apologise for the quality, but hey, at least it’s all out (and I promise to change the videos once I get my paws on some high-res and subbed ones). Nonetheless, even though these aren’t subbed, I’ve gone ahead to watch them, and Ga In is quite funny (she reminds me a little of Seo In Young, who was half of the Ant Couple) while Jo Kwon is of course his regular hilarious self. The part that tickled me most was when she got off the car, but was so worried about who her partner would be in WGM that she almost didn’t want the rest of BEG to leave (in fact she asked them if they could go with her, and when the car made to drive off, she actually stood in front of the car and was all like, “No! Don’t leave me!” which was absolutely priceless).

When she saw Jo Kwon in the bear suit, she almost thought he was Boom (because the rest of BEG kept teasing her about being paired with Boom) and she tried her hardest to rip the bear head away just so she could check to see who it was. She finally figured it out though, when Jo Kwon jumped into the Abracadabra parody dance, which was another LOL moment. Even after she figured it out, he didn’t want to take  off the costume head, and after he did, there were these cute moments of embarrassment where Jo Kwon was all shy. I think I almost fell off my chair laughing. The two then got into a cute car that Jo Kwon had specially decorated (the heart-shaped wreath of roses was a very sweet touch) to go to their “new home” and promptly launched into a discussion of what nicknames they should call each other in order to become closer faster. (It was very funny when Jo Kwon kept coming back to “wife” in Korean i.e. 여보 (“yo-bo”) and you could see the corner of Ga In’s lips quirk, which means that she secretly likes it, but she kept telling him that it didn’t sound right. Everyone else in the show i.e. the hosts of the Chuseok special as well as the rest of 2 AM were also speculating that this was the nickname that Ga In liked the best.)

Their “home”, which was a mobile home created specially for them keeping in mind their packed schedule, is probably one of the most unique houses to appear in WGM to say the least (you can’t help thinking about the poor budget that keeps getting cut for the show, since the houses have been steadily getting worse since after the first season). It also appears that the day of the WGM shoot was Ga In’s birthday, and it seems like she expects Jo Kwon to make it up to her, so I’m looking forward to the release of the next episode. Is anyone else thinking they’d do an Abracadabra duet/parody?