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Jo Kwon & GaIn We Got Married Ep 2 & 3 (EN-subbed)

Patience is a virtue often rewarded with little goodies in life like the drama that is Jo Kwon and GaIn in We Got Married. Since we were patient, Time2Sub (the subbing group that is 2PM & 2AM’s fandom) kindly gave us an extra present in the form of the most recent episode of WGM – SUBBED. So we get to watch more of the awesomeness that is Jo Kwon (and as I watched the subbed version of Ep 2, I realise anew how much my Korean fails since there were quite a few things I managed to misintepret – sorry to mislead everyone! I DID say I couldn’t understand i.e. I was guesstimating most things and yes I coined the term guesstimate, do you have a problem with that?).

Episode 2 first:

Episode 3:

Since I already commented on Ep2, albeit raw, I won’t say too much on it, except how I really love the way they harmonize at the end (you tend to forget Jo Kwon can actually sing especially when he goes into drama-mama mode!) so let me spazz out a bit on Ep3 instead. Love these bits:

1. Where Jo Kwon pulls out the 100 rules that his fans wrote for him to live by and started lecturing GaIn about it (man, I never knew Jo Kwon was like that – if I’d lived with him I’d probably have ended up going crazy because the thing I hate most is nagging).

2. Where Jo Kwon and GaIn wake Jin Woon and Seul Ong up (HAHA JIN WOON IS ADORABLE and even better, it felt like Jo Kwon was really jealous when they woke his two other members up, which is kind of…cute).

3. Where Seul Ong and Jin Woon start teasing GaIn about living at their dorm

4. Where Seul Ong keeps calling her “Hyung sun nim” by mistake (and only realising 30 minutes later that he’s supposed to be calling her something else)

5. Where GaIn breaks out a much needed drink on the first day in her husband’s house (LOL I DIED AT JO KWON’S EXPRESSION)

Can’t wait for the next episode; it’s full of all sorts of win.