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Hidarime Tantei EYE (Part Two)


Hitomi with the crazily spouting water fountain! (I love her panicked expression as she tries to stop the water fountain - it's a bit like watching a really bad train wreck)

So, onto Part Two of Hidarime Tantei EYE – in case you forgot, we last stopped at Hitomi’s seemingly strange penchant for disobeying command orders (for e.g. it’s written on the water fountain: Spoilt! Please do not touch! …and she had to touch it), which makes zilch sense at 51:04 minutes, but plenty of sense much later. Hitomi abandons the gushing water fountain with much gusto (her guilty face made me snort with laughter), and as she walks past the class that Ainosuke’s in, she (by habit, I suppose) glances in. (more…)