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Continuation of Abracadabra on Star King Episode

Which is absolutely hilarious since they managed to get MC Kang Ho Dong and even Alex from Clazzaquai (whom I love) to get out on the floor. Jo Kwon’s explanation of how to conduct the dance for the famous pelvis-shaking move of Brown-eyed Girl’s famous Abracadabra video was my personal favourite – I think he said something akin to, “The most important point is the eyebrows. You have to look like you’re always shocked/surprised! And then, you have to think you’re the best (or really good) – forever (in Korean), forever! (emphasized when he repeated it in English)”. (I do not claim accurate translation of what Jo Kwon says, since my Korean is fail i.e. learnt from spending too much time on dramas)

(I found this out on Omona, and just had to comment because it was so…win…)