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We Got Married ‘Sweet Potato’ couple – Seohyun (SNSD) & YongHwa (C.N.Blue)

By the by, for those of you coming to my site to look for GaKwon’s Episodes 1, 2, and 3…you can’t see them anymore because the vids I linked to got pulled from Youtube. However, if you do a bit of searching on Youtube, you’ll stumble across 2OneDay subs video channel (linked here if you’re too lazy to do the actual searching) where you will find a surplus of GaKwon, not to mention other 2AM / 2PM videos (…although I don’t know how many of you will still be supporting 2PM…).

In any case, thought I would talk about the latest addition to We Got Married (which used to be my favourite variety show, until I discovered…well, the rest of the variety shows. Still, I have fond memories of the Lettuce, Ant, AnSol, AlShin etc couples) – the ‘Sweet Potato’ couple i.e. Seohyun from SNSD (or Girls’ Generation) and Jung Yong Hwa from C.N. Blue (of ‘You’re Beautiful’ fame).

They’re a rather quirky addition that I enjoy, mostly because of Seohyun’s absolute naviety and Yonghwa’s (relatively) normality. They’re dubbed the ‘Sweet Potato’ couple in true blue WGM style due to the first episode where Seohyun’s fellow SNSD members tell Seohyun: “If you are satisfied with a husband like him (the unknown person at that point in time), then give us a hint by saying ‘sweet potato’ on screen. If you’re unhappy, then say ‘hamburger’!” and Seohyun does exactly what they tell her by suddenly surprising Yonghwa with the question: “…Do you like sweet potatoes?” (He was all EH?…o.O *blink* how did we get here LOL)

Their meeting was awkward, but cute and realistic. Honestly, of all the people who have appeared on WGM, Seohyun probably resonates the most with me, because she takes a while to warm up to people, which is what I feel most people actually do in real life (and not on reality shows that are scripted). You can see she’s determined to keep an open mind about this because whatever Yonghwa asks her to do, she’s like, “Ah. Yes. Okay.” (In Korean, it’s just “Ne…”) It’s strangely funny because Yonghwa tries REALLY HARD to get her to open up by asking questions, and the whole car scene where they’re on their way to his group’s practice studio is hilarious.

Seohyun: “I have some questions to ask you…[pulls out notebook from what Yonghwa later terms the miracle bag due to the numerous items she has in that bag]”

Yonghwa [can’t quite believe what he’s seeing]: “Eh…Yes, please go ahead.”

Seohyun: “…Who do you respect the most and why?”

Yonghwa [taken aback by the ‘profound-ness’ of her question]: “Eh? …That question’s quite…deep. *thinks very hard* Bon Jovi, because his music is always evolving. What about you?”

Seohyun: “Ah. I respect [the name of a Korean politician – I’m sorry I didn’t catch it, but I presume he’s a really good role model from what she says later]. My motto is that you have to be nice in life because what comes around goes around [or something to that effect – please feel free to correct].”

Yonghwa…blinks. The flabbergasted expression on his face is priceless. Repeated later on in the studio when she goes on about her self-development books (when Yonghwa apparently falls asleep at the sight of a book LOL).

I enjoy their interaction, so far, and it helps that they always show Yonghwa playing “I’m A Loner” (which I have developed a newfound love for) so I always enjoy those bits. Not to mention deciding to call each other “Yooong” and “Hyuuun” in order to become closer was just a genius move because it’s so funny to hear Seohyun go, “Annyounghaeseyo…Yoooong.” (Watch me splutter in laughter here.)

For those of you dying to catch it, the Chinese subtitled ones are here and the English subs are here. (It is at times like this when I thank Singapore for its strict bilingual educational system.) Have fun and let me know what you think of it. I’ve gone through Episode 2, and it’s awesomely funny (in my opinion, although I think I’ve heard people say it’s terribly boring too because they’re so awkward with each other – I thought that was the whole POINT).